The only copyright technology and distribution exhibition in Korea,
"International Copyright Technology Conference 2019"

International Copyright Technical Conference (ICOTEC)
It is the only exhibition in Korea where you can view various information in one place.
Sponsors, exhibitors, government agencies, and participants will be introduced to introduce the latest copyright technology trends at home and abroad.


  • Helping to advance into overseas markets Provide consulting opportunities
  • Multinational cultural contents companies Expert groups in the copyright field Participation
  • Domestic superior copyright technology Can introduce to overseas markets Provide a network meeting opportunity


  • For exhibitors Leverage the best marketing space
  • Latest copyright information At a glance you can see the technology Optimal Marketing Space
  • Major projects and achievements in domestic Effective promotion


  • Copyright protection services and Seeking solutions to technology
  • On copyright protection technologies and services Finding new answers for prepared
  • Famous speakers in the field of copyright Latest copyright related technology through Share information
  • Provide countermeasures against changes in copyright protection environment


  • Authoritative A group of experts
  • Invited lectures by overseas speakers with the authority of copyright world-wide and the best technical experts in Korea