Time(min) Program
09:00∼10:00 (60') Registration
10:00∼10:30 (30') Opening Ceremony & Copyright Award Ceremony
10:30∼11:00 (30') Keynote Speech

Blockchain paradigm and copyright protection

Ph.D. Sung Jun Park (Director, Dongguk Univ. Research center of blockchain)
11:00∼11:30 (30') Guest Speech

Evolution of the International legal framework of copyright and related rights: WIPO’s contribution

Ms. Ana Lorena BOLAÑOS DE PACHECO (Senior program officer, Copyright development division, Copyright and creative industries sector, WIPO)
11:30∼13:00 (90') Lunch and Coffee Break
13:00∼14:40 (100') Session 1: Cases of copyright utilization and protection technology
Chairman. Jong Weon Kim (Professor, Sangmyung University)

Upcoming challenges of global copyright protection

Mr. Jan Wilkens (CEO, COMESO GmbH)

Examples of the application of artificial intelligence to activate the use of copyrights

Ph.D. Chul Yun Kim (Director, Sookmyung Women's Univ.)

Techniques for protecting and activating copyright

Mr. Michael Schlesinger (Legal, Vice president, Regional legal counsel, Asia-Pacific, Motion Picture Association of America)

A deep-learning based video copyright recognition system robust to copyright avoidance methods

Ph.D. Hoon Paek (Ph.D, MINDs Lab)
14:40∼14:50 (10') Coffee break
14:50∼16:50 (120') Session 2: Blockchain and content distribution
Chairman. Hyeong Jung Kim (Professor, Korea University)

A blockchain management approach of the copyright industry

Mr. Xiaojun Tian (Secretary general, Copyright research center, Tencent institute)

Blockchain based digital content protection application technology

Dr. Byeongok Jung (CTO, Team Leader)

Unlocking the full potential of blockchain for music copyrights

Mr. Rahul Rumalla (Col-Founder&CTO, Paperchain)

Real-world value of blockchain

Mr. Tae Won Kim (CEO&CTO, Glosfer)

Mass consumer adoption of blockchain and copyright

Mr. Dylan Park (General manager, Asia Innovations Korea, Asia Innovations Group)
16:50∼17:20 (30') Session 3: The role and future direction of blockchain for copyright technology
(Open discussion and Q&A)

Chairman. Cheol Hwan Kim (Adjunct Professor, Hanyang University)
Open discussion : Paperchain, Glosfer, Aisa Innovatrions Korea
17:20∼17:30 (10') Closing Ceremony

※ The above program can be changed according to schedule